#Carmeats: The Parking Lot Garage Car Meet @ Studio Diner


One of those car meets hosted by #carmeats that you just have to go. Event took place on Sunday Jan 10th 2016. All spots were filled, different styles of cars everywhere, and people from different backgrounds, all there to share something that they have in common.

As I walked around the parking structure I came across many friendly people, which included Edwin running around with his megaphone.  He was reminding people to slow down and kept everything under control so that we could continue to have these awesome gatherings. Many known faces made an appearance. Groups like Nokturnal Carclub, San Diego Subies, Clean Culture, and many more.

*Remember to not be “That Guy” and watch the way you drive so that these events can keep running.

Below are some photos that I took as I was walking around the event.

Personal Fave of the Event

This ride right here is a Beautiful S2000. This is really something that you gotta see in person!