Lifestyle Show Off


On February 27th, the #AwdsomeFamily came together to celebrate and enjoy Awdsome Lifestyles’ season opener!!

Pulling off the successful event with the combined expert efforts from World Wide Lancer Club and Variable Motors!

Now, we bring you to our 2016 bang and release! With the collaborative efforts from our long friends and partners, VM and WWLC, and charismatic tunes by Dj Rymix; the stage, date and location were set for February 27th at Yanks Air Museum, in Chino California! The beautiful and nostalgic aviation background provided by this historic location, brought much excitement and a subtle twist to what the grass roots automotive lifestyle scene typically presents.

Many clubs such as “Nom Nom Squad”, “Low West”, “Team Ruckus”, “Cali Boostin”, “Team Evolve”, “Team Boosted Werkz”, “WWLC”, and our very own “Project Awdsome”, and many others were out in full force and showing support! The weather was beautiful, warm and the rides were plenty. So many that the show had reached its max capacity and began to fill out into the entrance way.

Plenty of great vibes and comradery were shared as the positive spirits were high with the shows BBQ twist!
This event tried something new to entice our audience. By allowing the show goers to bring out a BBQ grill and picnic set up, comfort levels remained high and families present.
Lifestyle Showoff allowed many members and attendees to bust out their dusty grills from their winter storages and garages, locked away for the winter. This new direction was greatly received and raved by the attendees.
Many clubs and individuals rushed the picnic area to join their family and friends, creating the calm collected lounging atmosphere that many show-goers have wished for!

Awdsome came out in full force with their SIGNATURE #BringTheNoise Exhaust contest! Raved and favored by our fans, our coined segment provided trophies for categories such as 4cyl, 6cyl, & 8cyl!!
Favored by many for its technique in involving the crowds and leaving it up to the masses to choose their victor!
Competition was tough for the 4cylinder and 8cylinder categories, with sign ups exceeding the cut off! Not so much for the 6cylinder guys, so we hope to see you at the next SOUND OFF!!
Always a crowd pleaser and definitely “bringing the noise”.

As the show came to a close, the audience approached the staged for the raffles and trophies as the closing ceremonies began to take place.
With generous contributions from our partners:

The fans excitingly received the giveaways! With the raffle contributions benefitting “St Vincent De Paul” charity, this show was now rounded to express the lifestyle, defined as family.

Tying it all together with Awdsome’s signature piston trophies and crank shaft(Best of show), with the artistic styling a of “Image Hydro Graphics”. The category winners received the stylish original awards with pride!

Please enjoy the fantastic media coverage from our #AwdsomeDOTcom staff!

Provided by Raymundo Soto, James Shaw & Tam Lam


Video Credit to Firm 400 at Lifestyle Show Off

Photography made possible by Jimmy Shaw