Summer Kick Off 3 (5-15-16)


With Summer just right around the corner and not a rain cloud in sight, gearheads are ready to pull the cars out of the garages and show off what they got. Here at Summer Kick Off 3 you can bet these show cars are freshly waxed and ready to win awards.

It’s impossible to get lost finding this location considering its at the Toyota dealership in San Bernardino Auto Plaza. It’s literally right off the freeway. Parking, on the other hand, can get a little bit tricky since it is street parking only if you’re not part of the event.

With the death of Scion lingering in the air, it’s nice to know that Toyota is going to continue with the legacy of the FRS. Believe me, there were plenty of them on display. There was an exhaust competition for those who wanted to bring the noise. Categories included, four-cylinder, six-cylinder and eight cylinder engines. Also, awards were being handed out for “hard parking” with multiple categories.

Even though SKO3 is presented by Toyota, all makes and models were welcomed. I did see Honda’s, BMW’s , Subaru’s and Nissan’s participating in the event.

Overall, SKO3 was a great meet. I kind of wish they held this event more than once a year. Maybe they should do a “Winter Kick Off” lol. Just a suggestion. I’m just happy it wasn’t as hot as last year. Even though SKO3 was hosted by Awdsome and Krops, my opinion/review isn’t bias in anyway.