Wekfest – Long Beach 5-28-16


Wekfest is is one of the biggest modified car show that anyone can attend. They tour some of the major city’s in the USA, including Hawaii. They also travel to the Land of the Rising Sun. This meet is right by the water and down by the Queen Mary. There’s nothing like sea breeze and 91 octane filling your lungs.

The weather was nice. Boats pasting by in the harbor, seagulls eating leftovers and cars everywhere you look. Wekfest is located in Long Beach by the Queen Mary’s  far side parking lot. Half the meet was in the lot and the other half was in the grass area. They packed in the cars and there were easily over 150 cars staged. My pictures do no justice to the amount of cars I seen. I honestly thought it would take me a hour and a half to get through all the cars but I was there for 3 hours taking photos/ video. Even with the sun on my side, I was forced to take a break chilling in the shade. I seen some builds here that I haven’t seen before. I would hate to judge this show with so many unique different styles. How can you choose or even compare which style is better.

There were plenty of vendors selling their wares  and models selling their…well you know… “assets”. Security was pretty tight, making us open our bags and emptying our pockets,which was not a big deal. It’s just the world we live in now a days. The meet was pretty packed with spectators. Cars and spectators came from out-of-state just for this show. The only downside was the jeep/lifted truck and motorcycle scene weren’t represented. In conclusion, Wekfest Long Beach is a must see if you’re in the SoCal area.