Lifestyle Showoff 2: Subaru Vs Mitsubishi


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On June 4th, the stage was set at Yanks Air Museum at Chino Airport, California! The great staff of Awdsome Lifestyles and came together with the creative minds at World Wide Lancer Club and The Real Variable Motors!

Launching together their 2nd edition to their Lifestyle Show Off series and as well as tipping the domino for what was the beginnings of the summer show season! Collaborating together, bringing the lovely talents from @CebuGirlsSwimwear to provide a seductive presence and summer time feel!

Many came from all over California to compete in the newly trended battle that was to feature heavy builds from Subaru and Mitsubishi enthusiasts! Enthusiasts competed for their chance to take home heavy hardware; a huge array of categories were handed out from Best Stance to Track inspired and one OVER ALL BEST OF SHOW! Many journeyed for a chance to express their individuality and pay homage to their dedicated brand and passion for their team!

Who took it home??

Well, you be the judge! We featured a first time segment where we had enthusiasts battle it out on a 5 on 5, 2-hand touch football match! Team Subaru versus Team Mitsubishi match was quickly underway! With scorching heat casting down upon us and hitting temperatures of 100+, both teams had fought valiantly. Unfortunately for Team Subaru, they had lost to a devastating 2 to 5 score by Team Mitsubishi!

Mitsubishi Winners of this epic battle were awarded medals to commend them for their glorious victory and commemorate the devastating butt whooping they gave to Team Subaru on this day!

Upset about this?? Join us on our second edition to this epic event! Show us what you got! Come hold it down for your favorite team!!

Secondly, BEST OF OVER ALL(meaning Subaru and Mitsubishi included), went to Juan Celabos! With his heavily modded Subaru! Follow his build on Instagram at @Subie323_, and stay updated on his adventures and recent additions to his build.

In closing, who do you think took it home for the team? Which team brought the overall defeat!? You be the judge!

Congrats to all of our winners, taking home a piece of trend-setting history!

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