GReddy Open House 7-30-16


A little bit of a disclaimer.
Greddy Performance held an open house a month and some change ago. This post is going up super late since I had to do some extra editing on these photos. I wasn’t going to post them but I love the photos so much I had to.

So I head down to Greddy HQ to see what the hype is all about. Greddy is known for their exhaust, turbos, and suspension components.

Greddy HQ is not too hard to get to from the freeway which is always a good thing. They are located in an industrial area. When I arrived, there wasn’t any parking in there lot. They had their cars staged in the lot so you had to park on the street or across the street in an adjacent parking lot. Inside the building, Boost Brigade had a showroom that showcased apparel and car parts.

The event had vendors in the parking lot. One of vendors was selling shirts, another was selling wheels and there were a few others selling car related products. The event was supplied with a food truck, which was much needed since there weren’t many restaurants in the immediate area. The DJ was playing some edm bangers which gave you the nice festival vibe. OK, so being honest, this wasn’t really a car meet. It was more of a showcase for Greddy to sell their products and show off their latest work. The only real reason to go to this was for the raffle and and ability to meet Ken Gushi, the pro drifter. So I guess in a way they made up for their lack of space by having Sung Kang (Han), from the Fast Furious franchise and Coco Zurita BMX pro, walking around and interacting with other car enthusiasts.

The people were civil. Nobody was doing burnouts or idiots revving their engines to show off. Most of the crowd were taking pictures and getting memorabilia signed by the celebrity guests.

Personally I wouldn’t come back for another meet mainly due to the fact that I live out in the middle of nowhere (Riverside) and there wasn’t much to look at. I spent more time across the street in a random parking lot looking at cars of other attendees than at the actual event. It was interesting going to Greddy headquarters to see how the sausage is made. If I had Greddy parts I wouldn’t mind driving down there to pick them up.