Jamacor Monthly Car Meet 8-28-16


I know very little about Jamacor. Honestly, I can’t even pronounce it. There aren’t many car meets in the I.E. area so when I saw on Facebook that they were holding a car meet at there store in the Inland Empire, I had to go.

Jamacor Industries is located in a Shopping center adjacent to a cul-de-sac in Redlands. The meet was from 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. I arrived there at a quarter to 5:00 and the main parking lot was already full. So if you plan on coming here, show up early. Anyone who showed up late had to either park on the street or in the parking lots across the street.

This event was a lot bigger than I expected. I was expecting about 80 to 100 car to show up but there were around 200 cars there. The place was packed. The event provided tacos and raspados. I liked the DJ. He was playing a decent mix of EDM music.

The only downside to this meet were the few bad apples. Sad to say it but this event was kind of poorly organized. By the time I parked, a cop had already pulled someone over who was attending the car meet. The main parking lot was full but cars kept coming in and doing u-turns just to go right back out. Then some guys showed up revving in their buckets. He started with throwing a few revs in the street when he pulled up then continued to do so as he pulled into the already full parking lot. After he hung out in the parking lot for a bit, he proceeded to leave the parking lot in a magnificent fashion by doing a burnout. At this point someone told him to cut it out. I know these people randomly show up to meets but you have to put them in their place before they get out of hand because when one starts others follow and it spreads like a wild fire.

If you’re like me and dont watch or care for football, having a car meet on Sunday’s areĀ  awesome. I never expected to find a midday Sunday meet in the I.E. to have a turn out like this. Besides the people who were causing a scene, everyone else was nice. The location was perfect since there were no thru traffic in the way. What more can you ask for.