#SoCalSubieCulture 2016


Culture… what is “culture”?

With the car industry vastly growing and with many individuals partaking in what once was a one-sided lifestyle, the Subaru community can no longer be harvested into one fest. Now a days, you have groups that express themselves from everything from the original purist image to the very extravagant to even the most rugged.

Many walks of lifestyle came out on October 1st to the Yanks Air Museum in chino. Puente Hills Subaru and AWDsome Lifestyles came together to provide a well organized grassroots community event. By 9am, roll in was very much the electric buzz, with line ups backed up for a quarter mile and into the public streets! With very energetic enthusiasts happy to see one another and meet new faces, SoCal Subie Culture was definitely underway!

Many lifestyles and varieties of this cult culture came to express themselves vicariously through their builds. Fabulous rides with attention to detail had all made the journey. Everything you could think of, from the very aggressive off road and wilderness adventurer to the street-stance advocate. Purists in their track ready builds were able to sit back and enjoy themselves with the many diverse builders.

This show expressed unity and family. Track enthusiasts, off-road enthusiast, street scene enthusiast, all had one thing in common on this day: “enthusiast”. The family vibes soon were felt as all walks of lifestyles all finally gathered to enjoy each other’s company and their own direction on Subaru…

See the beautiful thing about Subaru is, that after all the hype, all the media, all the politics, on said given day, it all washes away! Families become family, united as one, shared with a laugh!!
We thank the many of you that took time out of your busy day and decided to not only join us, but shared a laugh and moment with us in SoCal Subaru History!

To the enthusiast that knew nothing but lifestyle on this day, we thank you and to the vendors that did just the same, we are grateful for you believing in this event! Please take the time to enjoy James Shaw’s coverage and please visit all the contributing vendors page, show them some love as they had done for our community and cause!




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Most importantly, special thanks to AWDSOME and WONDERFUL staff at Puente Hills Subaru!

This establishment has made it a point to be an advocate of the car culture community! With many years in collaboration with Awdsome.com, they have come far and wide to provide for the community. Thanks to them we were able to pass on the savings and open our doors to host an event such as this! The friendly people and staff are always considering community and have created a friendly face and a welcoming atmosphere for anyone that is looking to take the leap and join the Subaru community!

Thank you for all your contributions to the event and giving back to the community!