Subie Invasion 2016: RECAP


For the past 13 years the Las Vegas locals of the popular group Flat4LV have held it down for the Subaru community. Tying off the Subie Show Year for many die-hard enthusiasts. Many successful years have lead up to keeping quite the reputation. Such a tradition has become so popular, that even other local clubs and businesses have attempted to take the tradition into their own hands!

Fortunately, with a couple feathers rustled, a new beast had awoken. Michael Maddy, head organizer, had felt that the community had weathered down and lost its touch. For Mike, 13 years strong has been one for those warriors with extensive stamina! With times changing and trends evolving, this decade long tradition almost faced extinction. Luckily, a new dawn had presented itself with the junior committee! With the head setting help of Nicole Millette, Michael Rowlett, Nick Hernandez, Bree Potts, Dave Morales, Dominic Cabezas, now Maddy had the staff support to put on another event for the books!

Subie Invasion went off without a hitch! Fluidly loading all the participants into the ‘Fast Lap’ (Indoor Cart Racing) property. Many talents came from all over. From the exhaust contest champion from Quebec, to the mad scientists of ‘Mighty Car Mods’ from Australia! Many local talents filled the lots, many of which came from Utah, Colorado, Arizona and California! With this mix of regional talents in play, made for the perfect cocktail of fun and adventure, perfect for this Las Vegas setting.

Positive vibes, smiling faces, and high energy could describe this annual event! Coming from a different state myself, I could not admit nor deny the privilege of having an adult beverage without worrying about open container laws, really helped amplify the experience. That being said, I could not be any more amazed at the control and joy that consumed the audience. Every year is a great experience and our team couldn’t be happier to attend, even if that means bringing an Evo to troll the festival!

To the organizers and locals, we thank you for having us and for all the hospitality! Vegas comes in many layers, and we couldn’t be happier to experience this deep-rooted part of this lifestyle, within lifestyles. Please enjoy the coverage by our #AwdsomeMedia photographer, James Shaw Jr(@jshaw6000/@jshawfoto on instagram) and feel free to share your favorites!

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