As the seasons change, weather grows colder, sun sets sooner, the car show season comes to a close. ‘Clean Culture’ x ‘The Car Lab’ x ‘Import Expo’, all came together to bring you a season Closer for the books!

#SocalSeasonCloser takes place in one of the most historic and iconic landmarks in all of Los Angeles, the ‘Dodger Stadium’… L.A. is home for many traditions and many legendary locations, however there was no other better way to tie it all together, than with the car community and a piece of landmark history.

Many local and distant fans from across the west coast came to share this iconic moment in car show history. The East Coast based group came together with the ever so popular SoCal group to introduce something that has not been done for several years!
The lines were very massive! Flooding of the local streets and locking up the freeway exits were immediately observed as you approached the venue. As easily as it was to assume this event was a no brainer to attend, there truly was a mutual understanding towards the desire of being a part of this event.
No way to effectively swim through the masses and the amount that would attend on this day. With so many coming to be a part of the car culture history, large masses and various car groups and pages attending, the staff sure would have a day cut out for them.

The show soon popped off with the display area immediately flooding with the swarm of attendees and vendors. With so many personalities and lifestyles in one area, it was truly amazing to see how the community vibed together for one day! The event sure displayed the loving comradery that we definitely strive for. Cheerful smiles and enthusiastic ‘meet n greets’ filled the lot!

The show went off without a hitch and entertainment filled the itinerary. The shows exhaust/2-step contest definitely wowed the audience as you hear the cheers from far back in the lot. Screams and cheers were heard as the show pleasers performed the harmonic sound of our people!
The limbo contest was just as entertaining! With people that were once strangers, crowding the participating vehicles and helping leverage the clearance for that “W”! Many good laughs were had and cheerful joy was spread. A great way to tie of the show season and finally take that small break before we gear up all over again for 2017!

No please enjoy some of the coverage by James (@Jshawfoto on Instagram) & Jermaine (@Jinx_b on Instagram)!

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