Lifestyle Show Off


#LifestyleShowOff #LSO


Well #LifestyleShowOff will be coming to you bigger and better than EVER!!

Stay tuned as we come together with Modified Envy to bring you a show like no other!

What makes this event so special??

3 letters: R-X-7

That’s right, we will be giving away a beautiful RX7 / FD!!!!

Ways to enter:
1 – visit
And make any purchase! Every $5 counts as 1 raffle entry

2 – register for #LSO(registration opens soon)
Just like option 1, every $5 goes towards a raffle ticket, including registration price!!

3 – Prepaid General admission ticket($10), also will count towards your raffle ticket

>>>THERE WILL BE 3 WAVES OF FINALISTS!!<<< 1st Wave ends on March 15th - finalist 1 2nd wave will be March 16th - April 16 - Finalist 2 3rd Wave April 17 - May 17 - Finalist 3 The 3 finalists will be brought to beautiful California(expense paid) to participate on our final round to be taken place at the very show!!! How?? 2 words, 'Drift n Donuts'!!! What does this mean?? Well, we will be incorporating a KART TRACK at the venue, that will allow you to compete in a time attack competition!! Best time wins, correct?? NOT QUITE!! After the time attack comp, you will need to compete in a donut eating contest!! Every donut you eat, you reduces your time!! Lowest time after everything, TAKES HOME THE RX7!!! For more details, please visit Or •REGISTRATION IS OPEN!!• Traditional Categories: Best Subaru Best Subaru 2nd Place Best Mitsubishi Best Mitsu 2nd Place Best Nissan Best Nissan 2nd Place Best Honda Best Honda 2nd Place Best Mazda Best Mazda 2nd Place Best Toyota Best Toyota 2nd Place Best Import(Japanese/KDM only) Best Euro Best Domestic Best JDM Best Engine Bay Best Wrap Best Paint Best interior Best ICE Best of show Novelty Categories: Got Low? - Lowest off the ground bruuuh when? - Forever Project Top Flight - Biggest/Best Wang set up ooh he fancy - Flashiest / Baller OH SNAP! - car most posted/shared on Instagram during the show only, using #LSOohsnap To sign up for the Off-Road Experience by MTNROO, please complete this application. After completion, an email confirmation will be sent to confirm you for the experience. If you are interested in applying for an exhibitor booth space, please visit & complete the form